20 Fallen Shipmates

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To Those Who Gave so Much

I dedicate this last page of my site to our Shipmates lost during the third Vietnam cruise.
Barbara and I were stationed at Gitmo Bay, Cuba and were deeply saddened when we heard
of the Turret Two tragedy. As you rest your pointer over each candle below, please Remember
each Shipmate and the Supreme Sacrifice They All Made.
July 18, 2000, Dexter Goad for Barbara Goad (1950-1990)

SA Herman Carol AckerSN Jack Stephen Bergman JR
SR Raymond Rance DavisBM3 William Clark JR
GMG3 Charles Wayne ClinardSA Ronald Paul DaleySN Terry Wayne DealSN Joseph GrisafiSA William Harrison IIIGMG2 Tommy HawkerSA Robert KikkertSN Edward McEleney JR
SA Robert MooreSA Stanley Pilot JR
SN Ralph RobinsonGMG1 Wesley Rose
SA Richy RuckerSA Jeffery Scheller
SN David Lee ScottSA Richard Tessman


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Mem Photo B Lester, Sea Effect D Goad, Quote Rev 20:13

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